“If you look at the site as it stands right now you have an opportunity to filter out certain kinds of prices, and what we’re going to do is expand the terms of that filtering so you can simply click a button and it will basically eliminate plans that have hidden fees — plans that are tiered, which means that the price of the individual kilowatt hour may change based on the difference between the use of a thousand kilowatt hours a month and a thousand-and-one kilowatt hours a month that resulted in a large price increase. Basically you can filter those out when you’re searching so you can get a much more apples-to-apples comparison of prices.”

— Public Utility Commission of Texas Spokesman Andrew Barlow on upcoming changes to the Power To Choose website, which is aimed at allowing consumers to find the right electricity provider but has allegedly been gamed by retailers to allow somewhat deceptive advertising, as explained on Dallas KRLD radio’s “Minute With Mitch Carr”

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