Andeavor Settles With Local California Air Quality Regulator

January 5, 2018


The Oakland, California Bay Area’s central air quality district has reached a settlement with San Antonio-based refiner Andeavor over civil claims of local violations.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District said it issued 51 notices of regulatory violations in 2013 and 2014 against Tesoro Refining and Marketing Co. of San Antonio and its refinery in Martinez, California, northeast of San Francisco.

Andeavor was known as Tesoro until it changed its name last year with the acquisition of Western Refining.

Tesoro is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Andeavor.

The settlement included $915,700 over district claims that Tesoro engaged in monitoring and reporting lapses, emission-based problems, two flares and other maintenance problems, some of them related to power outages at its Golden Eagle Refinery, according to district executive officer Jack Broadbent.

“Bay Area refineries are held to the strictest air quality regulations in the country to protect the health of those in surrounding communities,” he said in a statement.