DMN Endorses Estes for District 30 Republican Primary

February 8, 2018


The Dallas Morning News has endorsed Wichita Falls state Senator Craig Estes for the Republican primary for District 30.

The newspaper lauded Estes’ “long record of bills passed speaks to his leadership and experience.

“He’s unafraid to break with his party, and its increasingly one-way momentum, when his conscience compels. For example, Estes was the lone Republican who did not support the 2015 change to the Senate’s ‘two-thirds rule,’ which has for more than 70 years required at least 21 senators to agree before a bill could be debated.”

The paper registers disappointment in Estes’ failure “to seek significant reforms at the Texas Railroad Commission during last session’s sunset review process, and that was a mistake.”

“Estes, seeking his fifth full term, faces a strong challenge from former Rep. Pat Fallon of Frisco.

“Fallon is a strong candidate and, like Estes, a very conservative one.”


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