Governor Abbott Names 7 Among Energy Related Policy Advisors

February 12, 2018


Governor Greg Abbott has a new set of policy advisors and his office released the list Monday.

The advisors include:

Stacie Bennett on oil & gas as well as eminent domain and economic development issues.

Steven Schar on environmental regulation, Schar and Julie Frank on state water.

Charles Miller on cybersecurity, workforce and insurance issues.

Seth Christensen on border security, homeland security and public safety.

Sarah Hicks and Bobby Wilkinson on the general budget.


Here’s the complete list of the governor’s new policy advisors:


Agency Primary / Advisor
1st Amendment / Charles Miller
2nd Amendment / Seth Christensen
Administrative Law – General / Courtney Hjaltman
Agriculture / Julie Frank
Criminal Justice / Preston Streufert
Public Safety / Seth Christensen
Homeland Security / Seth Christensen
Border Security / Seth Christensen
Criminal Law / Preston Streufert
Corrections / Preston Streufert
Cybersecurity / Charles Miller
Workforce / Charles Miller
Economic Development / Stacie Bennett
Elections / Charles Miller
Emergency Management / Seth Christensen
Eminent Domain / Stacie Bennett
Environmental Regulation / Steven Schar
Child Protection / Erin Bennett
Family Services / Erin Bennett
Financial Institutions / Kate Huddleston
Gaming / Stacie Bennett
Alcohol / Courtney Hjaltman
Tobacco / Erin Bennett
General Budget / Sarah Hicks & Bobby Wilkinson
Human Services / Kate Hendrix and Erin Bennett
Higher Education / Matt Cope
Housing / Bobby Wilkinson and Catarina Gonzales
Insurance / Charles Miller
Judicial Branch / Courtney Hjaltman
Life Initiatives / Erin Bennett
Local Government – General / Julie Frank, Steven Schar, and Catarina Gonzalez
Jails / Seth Christensen
Local Law Enforcement / Seth Christensen
Veterans / Catarina Gonzales
Military / Seth Christensen
Oil & Gas / Stacie Bennett
Public Finance / Bobby Wilkinson
Public Education / Mary Lynn Bunkley and Bogan Pollock
Public Health / Erin Bennett and MC Lambeth
Public Pensions
– State ERS John Hryhorchuk and Bobby Wilkinson
– State TRS John Hryhorchuk and Bogan Pollock
– Local John Hryhorchuk and Steven Schar
ICE Detainers / Seth Christensen
Sanctuary Cities / Seth Christensen
Special Districts / Julie Frank, Steven Schar, and Catarina Gonzalez
Taxation / David Shoemaker
Telemedicine / Erin Bennett
Transportation / Charlie Leal
Water / Steven Schar and Julie Frank