Houston State Rep May Have Employment Conflict: KPRC

February 12, 2018


Houston businessman and State Representative Jim Murphy may have some explaining to do about a Houston contract job, according to KPRC-TV.

Murphy works with the Westchase District of west Houston, home to several energy companies, for which he’s paid about $312,000 a year, the Houston TV station reports.

Problem is Texas law states that no member of the Legislature “may hold any other office or position of profit, except as a notary public,” and the Westchase District is a state political subdivision.

Oasis Energy, Promethius Energy Group, Just Energy and other companies have offices in the district, which happens to be just a number of blocks southeast of Houston’s Energy Corridor.

KPRC’s investigative unit has been unable to ferret out details of the financial arrangement from Murphy, but added in its TV report:

“In 2014, Murphy’s contracts began to include bonuses called ‘special projects.’

“Some of the projects were categorized as ‘top priority’ and some as ‘secondary priority.’

“In some cases, the bonuses were awarded to Murphy for securing funding– not for his constituents, but for the district that cuts his check.

“In fact, Murphy can earn up to $6,000 if he is able to secure $1 million or more from the Texas Department of Transportation for highway projects.”