E.ON Gulf Coast Wind Project Underway

February 23, 2018


E.ON says it’s started development of its Stella Windfarm in Kenedy County, along the Gulf Coast between Corpus Christi and Brownsville.

Expected to begin commercial operation by the end of this year, the total of 67 wind turbines, supplied by Nordex Group, each supply 3 MW of power.

The 201 MW project will supply electricity for up to 60,000 homes, the company said this week.

E.ON now produces more than 3,600 MW of power spread across its various wind, solar and storage projects in Texas, Maine, Washington state and elsewhere.

“This project was a direct result of the federal policies to encourage growth in the renewable sector and confirms the continued attractiveness of the U.S. wind market, E.ON North America CEO Silvia Ortin said in a prepared statement.