Uresti Defeated In Primary. No, Not That Uresti.

March 7, 2018


There were a few surprises in Tuesday’s primary elections, but none bigger than the loss in Texas House District 118, where the older brother of state Senator Carlos Uresti was defeated by a little-known challenger, Leo Pacheco.

Carlos Uresti was convicted by a federal jury February 22nd in fraud charges stemming from a failed oil services company; there are calls for him to step down as senator, which he doesn’t have to do until the appeals process is exhausted; and his wife is filing for divorce after a trial that revealed Uresti may have been having an affair.

Now, as San Antonio Express News columnist Gilbert Garcia puts it, Uresti’s brother Tomas “paid the ultimate political price for the sins of his better-known younger brother.

“Only two weeks ago, Carlos was convicted on 11 felony counts related to his involvement with a now-defunct frac-sand company called FourWinds.

“Carlos, who has a separate public-corruption case looming, also has faced numerous allegations of sexual misconduct.

Tomas Uresti, a former Harlandale School Board trustee, swept into the Texas House in 2016 primarily on the strength of his brother’s name and history on the South Side.

“This year, that same name is toxic and Tomas couldn’t overcome it.”