Koch Brothers, Russian Oil Billionaires Dominate Forbes Latest List

March 7, 2018


Charles and David Koch are the only petrochemical billionaires in the Forbes top ten among the “three comma” club.

The World’s Billionaires list released Tuesday shows the Koch brothers tied for #8 on the list with an estimated $60 billion each, far behind #1 Jeff Bezos with $110 billion and Bill Gates at #2 with $90 billion and Warren Buffet #3 with $84 billion.

The next energy-related name comes up at #19, India’s Mukesh Ambani with $40 billion.

Pharmaceuticals, media, candy and Internet billionaires fill in the space down to Russian Leonid Mikhelson at #64 with $18 billion, and #78, another Russian, Vagit Alekperov, worth $16 billion.

In fact, there are several Russian oil billionaires in the top 100 before you get to Harold Hamm at #100 with $14 billion.

There seem to be more Russian oil billionaires than any other kind.


Among Texans:

Rich Kinder returned as Houston’s richest billionaire, chair of pipeline giant Kinder Morgan ranking #281 with a net worth of $6.2 billion.

Hilcorp‘s Jeffery Hildebrand, co-founder of the private Houston oil and gas company is #629, with $3.6 billion in net worth.

George Bishop, founder of GeoSouthern Energy worth $2.5 billion at #965.

The list is here.