Midnight Update: Primary Voting Roundup

March 6, 2018


With 97% of precincts in, in the Republican District 31 senate race, incumbent Kel Seliger is far ahead of rivals with 50% — Victor Leal at 12%, Mike Canon at 31%. Canon made a small late surge — but can Seliger avoid a runoff by staying above 50%?


In an apparent upset in the State Senate Republican Dist. 30 race, Pat Fallon leads with 63%, incumbent Craig Estes is behind with 23%


Associated Press has called the US Senator race — It’ll be incumbent Ted Cruz vs. Beto O’Rourke


GOP Proposition 4 – Screen New Hires with E-Veri approved

Dem Proposition 8 – Right to Housing and Utilities approved

Dem Proposition 2 – Refinance Student Loan Debt approved


Winners for Land Commissioner: Republican George P. Bush (far ahead of challenger Jerry Patterson at 58% to 30%) and Democrat Miguel Suazo


Democratic Primary for Lieutenant Governor: Mike Collier 53%, Michael Cooper 47%.

Rupublicans: Dan Patrick with 76%, Scott Milder with 24%


A runoff between top two Democrats running for governor, Andrew White (27%) and Lupe Valdez (43%)

Governor Greg Abbott has 90% of the Republican vote.


Ag Commissioner, Republicans, Sid Miller (56%) far ahead of challengers, Hogan 22%, Blocker 21%

New York Times calls Miller winner.


Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick has going on 80% of the vote in the Railroad Commission race.


US House District 3: Van Taylor way ahead with 86% in the race for retiring Representative Sam Johnson‘s seat.


Former Tarrant County tax assessor Ron Wright in an early lead to replace Rep. Joe Barton, R-Ennis.


In a surprise, Lisa Luby Ryan is holding a 54-46 lead over incumbent Jason Villalba for Republican in House District 114


Dawnna Dukes out: House Dist. 46 headed for runoff between immigration lawyer Jose “Chito” Vela III and former Austin city council member Sheryl Cole.