No Apparent Threat So Far to Oil Wells In Palo Pinto County Wildfire

July 5, 2018


No commercially-listed oil and gas wells appear to be in the path of a Palo Pinto County wildfire, about 70 miles west of Ft. Worth, so far.

The fire, in a county known for a number of producing wells, has so far burned in the center of the county, west and north of the city of Palo Pinto.

Winds have been shifting and officials have said the fires are about 40% contained.

According to Texas Drilling‘s map of petroleum wells, the concentration of producers is to the far north and far southwest of the city.

Four counties in the area, including Palo Pinto and Hood, issued temporary disaster declarations ahead of the 4th of July holiday, putting residents on notice not to set off fireworks while a drought makes brush and trees vulnerable to wildfire.