OSHA Citations In Beaumont Refinery Death Vacated

July 10, 2018


A LaPorte engineering firm was exonerated Thursday of claims that it failed OSHA standards in the death of an employee at a Beaumont refinery.

An administrative law judge vacated citations and a proposed $62,355 penalty against AltairStrickland LLC, an employee of which was struck by a pipe and killed at an ExxonMobil refinery in May 2016.

The Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission noted that a citation from the US Secretary of Labor‘s office failed to establish that AltairStrickland violated OSHA’s safety training standards because no standard exists to inform crew members about bull rigging, chain rigging or “hand rigging,” where a rig device is used where a crane cannot gain access.

The engineering company said in its citation response that it had instructed personnel in accordance with OSHA standards.

According to Business Insurance, the case, Secretary of Labor v. AltairStrickland L.L.C., also included an unproven claim by the Labor Secretary that the rig operator was unqualified, also in the vacated citation.