Novartis Partners With Invenergy For San Angelo-Area Wind Power

August 9, 2018


Novartis has an agreement with Invenergy to add 100 MW to the grid from Texas while reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

The agreement says Invenergy’s Santa Rita East wind farm, about 70 miles west of San Angelo, will provide the 100 MW of wind power and is expected to be online in 2019.

Novartis said the deal is part of its long-term environmental sustainability strategy, as is partnering with North America’s largest privately held renewable energy company, Invenergy.

The dozen-year agreement is expected to reduce Novartis’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than 220,000 metric tons per year through the issuance of renewable energy attributes that Novartis will use to account and report on its greenhouse gas Scope 2 emissions.

“This equates to removing more than 48,000 passenger vehicles from the road on an annual basis1 and represents over 70% of the Novartis carbon footprint from purchased electricity in the US market,” Novartis said.