Top Personnel Changes At TCEQ In Place; Wanted: One Commissioner

September 12, 2018


With top-level personnel changes in place, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality now just needs a commissioner.

Jon Niermann was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott, in a letter dated August 31st, to chairman of the commission, replacing Dr. Bryan W. Shaw of Elgin who retired suddenly at the end of August.

Niermann was appointed to the commission by Abbott in 2015, and continues to retain his appointment to represent Texas on the Western States Water Council.

Emily Lindley is the latest TCEQ commissioner, appointed by the governor on August 20th, after a stint with the EPA that followed 10 years with TCEQ.

Lindley was appointed just as commissioner Toby Baker moved up at the governor’s behest to become  TCEQ’s new executive director.

Deputy Executive Director Stephanie Bergeron Perdue remains in place.

But that only leaves two commissioners, Lindley and Chairman Niermann, on a three-person commission.

It’s now up to Governor Abbott to name that third person, as well as general counsel, another vacant position.

Abbott in June indicated possible tighter control of some state agencies such as TCEQ, in a letter saying his staff will be reviewing agency policies, according to the Texas Tribune, but a TCEQ spokeswoman said she didn’t expect any “appreciable change” in how the agency makes its rules.