5 Texas Utilities Team Up For Planned Solar Projects

November 5, 2018


Five utilities in Texas have announced plans develop 500 MW of solar farms.

New Braunfels Utilities (NBU), Bryan Texas Utilities, Denton Municipal Electric, Garland Power and Light and the Kerrville Public Utility Board have teamed up to create the purchasing power necessary to fund their commitment to renewable generation.

For NBU, as well as most of the rest of the group of utilities, this is their first dip into large-scale solar generation.

The exception is Denton Municipal Electric, which signed a 15-year contract with NextEra for the output of a 100 MW solar project earlier this year, as a part of the city’s goal to go 100% renewable.

At the time of that purchase, Sierra Club estimated that Denton is procuring 60% of its electricity from renewable sources, so this will undoubtedly aid the cause.

NBU is looking to purchase 150 MW of the total 500 MW over the course of a 10-20 year power purchase agreement.

The utility’s goal is to have these facilities operational by December 31, 2022, although it is looking to pursue projects that will be completed before that.

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