Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Opens Membership To All Oil-Related Individuals, Companies

November 20, 2018


In a major change, the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers‘ board is opening up membership to anyone in the oil and gas business and related industries.

One of the largest statewide oil and gas associations in the US, the TAEP already has members outside Texas as well as a large in-state client list.

The group advocates for Texas oil and gas industries at the Railroad Commission, the state capital and in Washington DC.

Calling the opening of new membership opportunities “historic,” TAEP President John Tintera said Tuesday that this is “an exceptional opportunity to work with the entire oil and gas industry, from drilling rigs and pumpjacks to energy service companies, marketers, geologists and engineers, landmen, investors, bankers, lawyers and all professionals who work to produce oil and gas in Texas.”

The organization was founded in 1930 but opened its membership ranks statewide in 2000 with the merger of the North Texas Oil & Gas Association and the West Central Texas Oil & Gas Association.

“The big tent approach now gives us an unprecedented ability to represent all types of energy production professionals,” Tintera added, and “no issue is too big and no membership is too small.”

In a resolution, the TAEP board said the alliance is “hereby committing our Association to represent the entire oil and gas industry that has brought so much prosperity, security and freedom to America.”

The alliance’s membership page is here.