Anadarko Searching for Oil and Gas North Of Denver Again

December 5, 2018


Avoiding disruptions to residents of Loveland, Colorado, is a major goal as Houston’s Anadarko Petroleum searches for oil and gas deposits beneath the city of 75,000 residents.

Crews have bee placing seismic sensors along the city’s east side as they prepare for sonic exploration of the area.

Anadarko surveyed the south and east sides of Loveland in 2013 and promptly drilled 13 wells at sites where oil deposits were found.

Now the company is bringing in trucks to start ground vibrations that will be picked up by the sensors to help create maps of the underground geology, according to the Loveland Herald, with the company taking readings while trying to keep from getting in the way of residential traffic in the city about 45 miles north of Denver.

Anadarko expects to complete the sonic survey by the middle of December.