Ex-Darby Chief of Staff New Public Affairs Director In RRC Chairman Craddick’s Office

January 3, 2019


Railroad Commission of Texas Chairman Christi Craddick says Jason Modglin is the new Director of Public Affairs for the Chairman’s office.

Modglin previously served as Chief of Staff to State Rep. Drew Darby, who chairs the House Energy Resources Committee and the House State & Federal Power & Responsibility Committee.

“Jason is a great addition to the Railroad Commission and will play an important role in my office, ensuring the Commission delivers efficient, effective regulation for the people of Texas,” said Chairman Craddick.

“In his time at the Legislature, he has been heavily involved with crafting conservative state budgets and legislation protecting Texan’s natural resources.”

A Houston native, Modglin is a graduate of Southwestern University with a degree in Political Science and the University of Texas at Austin with a master’s degree in Public Affairs.