Sunoco’s Mariner East II Pipeline Goes Into Service

January 4, 2019


Sunoco Logistics’ long-anticipated and controversial Mariner East II pipeline is now online.

Energy Transfer Partners, which owns Sunoco, announced Wednesday that the LNG line went into service over the New Years weekend.

The 350-mile pipeline is built to carry butane, ethane and propane from its Marcellus shale home region to the Atlantic coast, with storage at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex along the Delaware River south of Philadelphia.

The pipeline has been plagued by unsuccessful legal challenges, concerns by locals about possible spills and a long vetting process, especially in Pennsylvania, that lasted more than three years.

While opponents pointed out that Sunoco “has been fined $12 million dollars” for various problems during construction, proponents have called it the “most scrutinized and regulated project” in Pennsylvania in a generation.