Financial Advisory Service Opens Houston Office With Focus On Energy

March 12, 2019


Mercer Capital has a new Houston office and is planning expansions of its energy business.

The Memphis-based business valuation and financial advisory firm has already opened an office in Dallas and has imported David Smith, ASA, CFA to lead the Bayou City operation.

For Mercer Capital President Matt Crow, expansion comes down to where talent is available.

“Concentrations of talent in an area is beneficial, so building people around David in Houston and our people in Nashville makes sense for us,” Crow told the Daily Memphian, referring to the other in-state market where Mercer is growing.

Smith said he’s been in Houston for fifty years, so joining Mercer to head up the new office was a natural fit.

“Most of my work has been concentrated in financial reporting and corporate-related valuation.

“Being that I’m in Houston, the energy capital of North America, we do a lot of oil & gas work in Houston and in the Dallas office.”