Solar Power Groups Back Extension of Tax Abatements, HB 3143

May 8, 2019


Increased public transparency for tax abatement zones are called for in a bill heard in Senate committee without quorum on Wednesday.

Before adopting or re-authorizing ten-year tax increment reinvestment zones (TRIZ) there must be a public meeting and there must be public notice 30 days before those meetings under the bill.

Solar industry representatives such as Jeffery Clark, president of Advanced Power Lines urged the committee to renew Chapter 312, which he said is “vital” not only to Texas but to the growing renewable power industry, and Charlie Hemmeline, executive director of the Texas Solar Power Association, both of whom spoke in favor of the bill.

The bill and Chapters 312 and 313 was also vocally supported by Bob Adair of Phillips 66 and Hector Rivero, CEO of  the Texas Chemical Council.

District 133 state Rep. Jim Murphy HB 3143 Senate sponsor Sen. Royce West (who’s carrying the committee substitute) told the Senate Natural Resources and Economic Development committee that Chapter 312 a chief appraiser must be called in to analyze the value of properties once the ten-year agreements are finished, and in some cases must contain fiscal explanations

Under the bill, a TRIZ taxing entity must maintain a website explaining its positions and listing upcoming actions and meetings.