Postcards From the Lege: Speaker Bonnen Gavels Out the Senate

May 9, 2019


There were a few moments of disbelief when Texas Senators and others looked up to see the Lt. Governor, at the end of regular Senate business on Thursday, standing next to the Speaker of the House, who grabbed the gavel and called on Senators for motions.

Speaker Dennis Bonnen smiled when bringing down the gavel.

Sen. Jose Menendez asked the “Lite Gov” parliamentary-style, “I see you have a special guest there next to you…is this any reason why so many House bills passed out of this chamber this week?”

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick seemed to relish the inquiry.

“I think it’s an example,” he said, “to make sure everyone knows the Speaker and myself are still working closely together to get us out of here on time with property tax relief and school finance, teacher pay, doing it all.”

Speaker Bonnen gaveled out the Senate for the day.

You don’t see this too often, to say the least.

The look on at least one senator’s face seemed to say, “What happened? Did I lose an election and suddenly come back as a representative?”


— Mike Shiloh