Rep. Craddick’s Point of Order Shuts Down GROW Fund House Bill

May 11, 2019


A point of order shut down Rep. Brooks Landraf‘s and Rep. Tom Craddick‘s HB 2154 on Friday, a bill that was aimed at returning to oil & gas producing counties in Texas some oil and gas money that would otherwise go into the “Rainy Day Fund” — money that would go to the Generate Recurring Oil Wealth for Texas Fund, the GROW Fund.

Rep Craddick himself raised the point of order about the floor version of HB 2154 on Friday, which was sustained.

The point of order was made under “Article 3 Sections 30 & 35 of the Texas Constitution on the grounds that the original purpose of the bill has been changed and the bill contains more than one subject.”

House Speaker Dennis Bonnen said, “Mr. Craddick argues that the section that repeals Article 316.093 E government code is not of the same subject as the bill’s provisions establishing the GROW Act and the GROW Texas Task Force and providing for the appointment of legislative committees to study issues related to oil and gas production.

“Section 316.093 E government code which is repealed by the bill relates to a requirement by the Comptroller to adjust the allocation of certain amounts transferred to the Economic Stabilization and state highway funds.

“The subject of adjusting these allocations is not on the same subject as the bill.

“Thus the bill contains more than one subject, in violation of the Constitutional rule.

“Accordingly the point of order is well taken and sustained.”

The bill was intended to help with road and public safety improvements and educational enhancements in Texas energy producing areas and would also attempt to lower infrastructure bottlenecks at ports.