Water Resource Management Council Bill Goes to Full Senate

May 13, 2019


A House bill to set up a council for helping to coordinate water resource management and “best practices” across Texas passed from the Senate Water and Rural Affairs committee to the full Senate on Monday.

Rep. Lyle Larson last month said, regarding his HB 807, that the state is “balkanized” into water districts, and there is no uniformity among the rules used by the districts, so the bill is going to “set up an interregional council — one member from each of the 16 regions are gonna sit down and they’re gonna try to figure out how we can use state resources in a unified fashion.

“They’re also gonna set a per gallon per capital goal for all the municipalities that are in each of the regions.

“They’re gonna lay out strategies in using aquifer charging and recovery in lieu of reservoirs if the opportunity is presented.

“They’re also going to sit down and talk about drought management.

“In 2011 we had a number of agencies within a region that had different triggers” on drought restrictions, he added.

“They’re gonna generate a report to give through the Water Development Board to the legislature, and if there’s any legislation that needs to be perused, this council will provide guidance.”