Port of Beaumont Navigation District Has New Rules and Responsibilities Under Governor-Signed Legislation

June 10, 2019


The Port of Beaumont will have more specific powers and responsibilities — including some limitations on eminent domain actions — under a new law to take effect on September 1st.

District 22 state Rep. Joe Deshotel‘s HB 4666 has been signed by Governor Greg Abbott, repealing several provisions in Chapter 147 of the 1949 acts of the 51st Legislature, which established the port.

The newly-signed legislation then replaces those provisions with detailed duties and responsibilities of the district board of commissioners on the Port of Beaumont Navigation District, effectively modernizing the port’s governing structure.

It specifies charges, rates and wharfage for district facilities’ rules and authorizes the district to adopt bylaws and rules for the management and regulation of the district’s affairs.

The bill specifies financial responsibilities of the district and authorizes it under many circumstances to issue obligations, borrow money and impose property and “other taxes.”

And it provides for limitations on the powers of the district while also granting limited powers of eminent domain.