Howard Energy Partners Grows Corpus, Port Arthur and Mexico Assets with Hundreds of Acres to Go

June 13, 2019


Howard Energy Partners (HEP) says it’s completed expansions of its Port Arthur and Corpus Christi terminal structures.

There are 12 new tanks at Port Arthur, with four butane bullets, two barge docks, one ship dock and a 6.5-mile bidirectional pipeline, increasing HEP’s Gulf Coast terminal storage capacity to 2.6 million barrels.

And San Antonio-based HEP said Thursday it has contracts with one existing customer to load additional unit trains at their Corpus Christi bulk liquids terminal facility, bound for “new destinations in Mexico.”

HEP will be acting as an agent to assist with oversight of the engineering, procurement and construction of a new receiving terminal in northern Mexico.

The company already runs some midstream assets in Mexico.

HEP Co-Founder and President Brad Bynum hinted that more expansions are to come.

“We currently have more than 470 acres for additional Gulf Coast expansion projects, including significant water frontage.

“We will continue to work closely with our customers to understand their needs and evaluate growth projects that create beneficial results for all participants within the supply chain.”