RRC Gets EPA Money for Groundwater Protection Against Injection Wells

October 2, 2019

The Railroad Commission of Texas has new funding to inventory injection wells and perform technical reviews of permit applications as well as on-site investigations, interviews and observations.

The US Environmental Protection Agency recently granted $527,688 recently to the RRC with the goal of helping protect “underground sources of drinking water from contamination by regulating the construction and operation of injection wells.”

The agency also stipulated that the funds will “also be used to inventory injection wells, perform technical reviews of permit applications, perform on-site field investigations and conduct interviews and visual observations for compliance assurance.”

That’s in addition to a $104,032 grant to the RRC’s fiscal year 2019 underground injection control program, bring the real-year 2019 total to $631,720, the EPA said.

Calling the RRC “our state partners,” EPA Regional Administrator Ken McQueen said, “Helping [them] achieve their environmental goals and protecting drinking water sources is one of EPA’s most important missions.”