ExxonMobil Climate Change Lawsuit Begins Tuesday

Unprecedented trial set after judge Wednesday throws out pretrial motions…trial will be carried live on the net


October 17, 2019

The first-of-its-kind ExxonMobil climate change trial is on, after a New York judge on Wednesday threw out a set of pretrial motions brought by the Irving oil company.

After a 30-minute hearing, Justice Barry Ostrager denied challenges by Exxon lawyers, disputing the placement of a witness and an expert the State of New York intend to call for testimony.

The courtroom drama will proceed as planned, the judge ruled, setting a three-week trial calendar to begin on Tuesday, October 22nd.

The 2018 case claims ExxonMobil misled investors on the financial impact of climate change by hiding risks, among other allegations.

The suit was originally filed by former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who resigned last year amid claims that he sexually abused four women.

The case is now being carried by Attorney General Letitia James; her office accuses Exxon of Martin Act violations, based on a sweeping New York State law intended to fight stock fraud.

The trial will be carried live by Courtroom View Network.