Ireland Locals Call for End to NextDecade LNG Import MoU Over Fracking

November 22, 2019

An influential city in Ireland wants to put the kibosh to a plan for importing LNG with a strong Texas connection because of a disdain for fracked gas.

Council members for the city of Cork are formally requesting that the Port of Cork sever ties with Houston-based NextDecade over plans for nearby facilities to receive and store liquid natural gas to be imported from Texas oil fields and shipped from Next Decade’s proposed Rio Grande LNG export facility at the Port of Brownsville.

Fracking is illegal in Ireland, and the extended logic is apparently that importation of fracked gas should be banned too.

The Port of Cork and NextDecade have a memorandum of understanding since 2017 to explore possible construction of such facilities, so LNG would be available for use in Ireland, according to EchoLive, by use of a joint development opportunity for a new floating storage regasification unit and associated LNG import terminal infrastructure.

And while LNG is considered to be among cleaner fuels — emitting 50% less carbon dioxide than coal in burning — Cork’s Green Party has said that importation of LNG from fracking would “test the government’s credibility” in meeting the challenges of the global climate and biodiversity crises.

Indeed, fracking was banned in Ireland more than two years ago because of concerns over its impacts on the environment.