Voters Know Best: American Energy Alliance

November 7, 2018
As the dust settles from the 2018 midterm election, several states have determined the effects of energy-related ballot measures impacting the affordability of energy and consumer choice. American Energy Alliance President Thomas J Pyle made the following statement on the results of some of these energy ballot initiatives:

“What we learned from this election, in states like Colorado, Arizona, and Washington, is that voters reject policies that would make energy more expensive and less reliable to them, their families, and the larger economy. There is little doubt that those who authored the defeated initiatives will try again, but we hope they have finally learned their lesson.The voters have spoken. It’s time to listen to them and focus on policies that expand the availability, affordability, and reliability of energy, rather than on policies that makes energy more scarce, more expensive, and less reliable.”


Election Update Headlines:

Arizona voters reject clean-energy measure Proposition 127 by large margin

Voters overwhelmingly rejected a ballot measure that would force electric companies to get half of their energy from renewable sources by 2030, the Associated Press projected Tuesday night.

California billionaire activist Tom Steyer’s political group NextGen America spent heavily to get the measure on the ballot and win over voters, but Steyer was outspent by Arizona Public Service Co. and other opponents of the measure.


Colorado Oil and Gas Distance Minimum Fails — With 71% of Vote In, 58% no, 42% yes — Also: Colorado Amendment 74 to allow property owners to seek compensation from government any time a government action or regulation devalues a person’s property also being defeated, 53 percent to 47 percent


Washington State Initiative to charge pollution fees on sources of greenhouse gas pollutants also Going Down To Defeat No 54.54%, Yes 45.46% — Also: 51% want repeal of Washington legislature’s expansion of oil spill response taxes to crude and petroleum products, 49% want the expansion mantained


GOP Congressman John Culberson defeated by Democrat Lizzie Fletcher in Texas Congressional District 7


Texas State Senator Konni Burton of Colleyville projected to lose seat to Democrat Beverly Powell


Texas District 16 Senator Don Huffines loses to Democrat Nathan Johnson


Democrat Colin Allred wins over veteran GOP incumbent Pete Sessions


Democrat Sylvia Garcia wins District 29 race — and Democrat Veronica Escobar wins District 16, filling the seat vacated by Beto O’Rourke


Crenshaw beats Democrat Litton in Congressional District 2: HC


Incumbent Republican Christi Craddick defeats Democratic challenger Roman McAllen 53% to 44%


Democrats turn Harris County Judge race — longtime Republican Judge Ed Emmett defeated by Democrat Lina Hidalgo — Democrats also swept all 59 races for judges — Officials say Latinos break their voting record in Harris County 2018 elections

Greg Abbott wins second term as Texas governor — Wins by 14 points


Lt. Governor Dan Patrick defeats Democrat Mike Collier 51% to 47%


Sid Miller remains Commissioner of Agriculture


George P. Bush remains Commissioner of the General Land Office


Republican Michael Cloud retains US Representative District 27 seat with nearly 61% of vote


Texas District 17 Senator Joan Huffman projected to win


Incumbent Louie Gohmert retains District 1 US Representative seat


Will Hurd Surges Ahead of Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones — Hurd at 50%, Jones at 48% as of early Wednesday morning — Race was very close first half of the evening


Republican Ken Paxton Retains Texas Attorney General Post — Democrat Justin Nelson conceded Tuesday night


Ted Cruz Wins Texas Senate Race Over Beto O’Rourke — Cruz has 53.1%, O’Rourke has 48%, — O’Rourke made strong showing in big-city counties, even in Tarrant County before surging in second half of the evening — Midland, Ector counties overwhelmingly for Cruz


Democrat Julie Johnson unseated Republican incumbent Matt Rinaldi in House District 115: DMN In House District 114, staunch conservative Lisa Luby Ryan lost to Democrat John Turner — Democrats also won in three other districts previously held by the GOP, including House District 102, where Ana-Maria Ramos beat Republican incumbent Linda Koop — Democrat Terry Meza unseated Republican incumbent Rodney Anderson in House District 105


Crenshaw beats Democrat Litton in Congressional District 2: DMN


Former Houston Disc Jockey Dayna Steele (D) defeated by incumbent Brian Babin (R) in 35th Congressional District


Democrat Gillum concedes hard-fought Florida governor’s race to Republican DeSantis: The Hill


The Kavanaugh election: The Democratic Joe who voted for him won. The Democratic Joe who voted against him lost — Wegmann, Washington Examiner


GOP picks up four Trump-friendly US senators


Democrat Joe Manchin III survives as West Virginia Senator in a state that Trump won by more than 40 points, AP projects — Washington Post


Republicans Will Keep Control of US Senate — LIkely to pick up seats as of Wednesday morning


Republican Kevin Cramer Projected to Defeat Democrat Heidi Heitkamp for North Dakota Senator


Patrick Barely Leading Collier 49% to 48% — 30% of precincts in


Blue Wave Is Not There — according to CNN — GOP Picks Up One Senator, Democrats Pick Up 2 US Representatives


Republican Projected to Take Oklahoma Governorship — GOP’s Mary Fallin turns governorship over to Kevin Stitt


It’s Senator Mitt Romney in Utah with 62% of votes


RRC Appoints Dana Lewis Director of Hearings

November 6, 2018


Dana Lewis



The Railroad Commission of Texas today announced the appointment of Dana Lewis as Director of Hearings for the agency, effective immediately. Lewis has served as interim director for the division since Sept. 1, 2018. In her new role, Lewis will report to the RRC’s Chief Operating Officer.


Exelon Reports 3Q Results

November 5, 2018

Among Exelon‘s Earnings Release Highlights: A GAAP Net Income of $0.76 per share and Adjusted (non-GAAP) Operating Earnings of $0.88 per share for the third quarter of 2018, while all of the company’s utilities “achieved top quartile reliability performance in outage frequency and outage duration.”…

Cybersecurity Experts Explore Advances In Protecting Energy Sector: Press Release

November 5, 2018
Leading industrial cybersecurity officials from government and private industry gathered in Houston last week to discuss new ways of countering the rising threats of cyberattack in the energy sector.


“Using the Power of Analytics to Address Cyber Security” was a half-day workshop sponsored by the International Society of Automation (ISA) and its Premier Strategic Partner in Industrial Cybersecurity, Siemens.

The workshop was held prior to ISA’s PCS 2018—Process Industry Event, a technical conference for professionals in the energy processing and process manufacturing industries.


During the workshop, featured experts reported that the rapid pace of digital technology and the increasing sophistication of cyber tools at the disposal of foreign entities are making it more difficult to protect critical infrastructure and the industrial control systems that operate them…

Survey finds more optimism among oil executives than in 2017

By Alex Mills


November 1, 2018


While oil and gas executives have grown more optimistic about economic conditions within the industry, they are concerned about growing geopolitical issues which include potential environmental restraints.

The firm of Deloitte & Touche LLP released this week its annual survey of 325 executives from the exploration-and-production sector (upstream), the transportation sector (midstream), and the refining/chemicals sector (dowmstream). A growing U.S. economy has created an increase in demand for petroleum products, the survey said.

“The industry seems much better off than a year ago,” said John England, partner, oil, gas and chemicals, Deloitte & Touche LLP. “Positive sentiments have emerged from all sectors, but the real bright spot is in the downstream and chemical sectors. Most upstream executives surveyed see better days ahead, but are managing more with caution as they work through growing pipeline constraints, mounting geopolitical tensions and rising oil prices that could also push up costs. With growth and recovery top of mind, digital technologies could become critically important for productivity and profitability and should serve as a lever to help mitigate rising costs brought about by rising oil prices.”

Executives’ top concerns involve environmental issues surrounding oil and gas pipeline construction and other environmental restrictions….