About The Texas Energy Report

The Texas Energy Report has been cited as a source in energy news reports from publications such as OilPrice.com, The Ft. Worth Star Telegram and the Tribune News Service.


But The Texas Energy Report had it first and reported it correctly. You’ll be among the first to know about Texas energy news by subscribing to The Texas Energy Report.


Established in 2009 by Quorum Report publisher Harvey Kronberg with NewsClips by Mike Shiloh (pronounced “SHY-low” — he’s also news clips editor for Quorum Report), The Texas Energy Report has consistently covered the world’s most vital industry in a changing political and economic environment.


In 2016, longtime Houston broadcast news reporter and anchor Mike Shiloh took over the reigns of The Texas Energy Report with a vision to broaden its coverage of oil and gas, liquid natural gas, electricity, biofuels, alternative and renewable energy and their related political, governmental and economic components.


Just as Mr. Shiloh reported on and explained T. Boone Pickens‘s corporate takeovers and the Texas oil price crises of the 1980s on Houston radio, through his extended coverage of politics, the economy, local and world events over four decades, he is now dedicated to bringing wide coverage of Texas energy.


Shiloh was heard for years on Texas broadcast staples such as 104-KRBE, 740-KTRH, FM 100-KILT, KTRK-Channel 13, 92.3 KNFM as well as regular political reporting on CNN and MSNBC.


At a time when energy is increasingly the backbone of the world economy, understanding of energy sources and their related political landscape, how they work and how they contribute to our lives seems to be on the decrease.


That’s where The Texas Energy Report comes in, striving to make energy issues, politics and government accessible, understandable and meaningful, with the latest news, NewsClips, analysis, opinion and new insight, with the particular emphasis on Texas, the energy capital of the world.


We hope you’ll see us as your personal source for news as new laws, public attitudes and technologies emerge and new challenges are met in the essential, swiftly-changing world of energy.