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The TER Buzz:

Texas Supreme Court Refuses To Consider Age Bias Suit

March 19, 2018

The Texas Supreme Court refused to hear an age discrimination and retaliation appeal against Exxon Mobil on Friday, leaving in place an appeals court opinion that poor job performance may have been the reason the employee was fired.

David Lopez and his lawyer argued in his lawsuit against ExxonMobil Development Co. and Exxon Mobil Corp. that statements made by some Exxon employees indicated his age (56) may have been a factor in his being dismissed…


CenterPoint Receives Multiple Awards For Restoring Power After Disasters

March 16, 2018


Quick work restoring electricity service to the Houston area following Hurricane Harvey, to the Sealy area following intense storms and assisting in restoring electricity to areas of Florida after Hurricane Irma earned CenterPoint Energy three awards from the Edison Electric Institute.

CenterPoint received one Emergency Recovery Award for efforts to restore power in May, 2017 to the Sealy area near Houston after strong storms severely damaged electrical infrastructure, then another such award for weeks-long efforts to restore power after Hurricane Harvey, also in the Houston area….


Lieutenant Governor Names Texas Senate Replacements For Uresti, Estes

March 16, 2018


With the removal of District 19 state Senator Carlos Uresti from Texas legislature committee assignments following an oil sands company related trial and conviction, along with Senator Craig Estes‘ District 30 primary loss to Representative Pat Fallon, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick revealed their replacements in new committee appointments on Friday…


ETP, Phillips 66 Louisiana Pipeline Construction Can Continue: Appeals Court

March 15, 2018


Construction of the Bayou Bridge pipeline in Louisiana will be allowed to continue following a ruling from an appeals court Thursday evening.

Work by Bayou Bridge Pipeline LLC, a JV between Energy Transfer Partners and Phillips 66 began in January, but was stopped February 23rd when US District Judge Shelly Dick issued an injunction, agreeing with environmentalists that construction should stop while a lawsuit played out…


Shale Production Increase Creates Long-Term Benefits

March 15, 2018


By Alex Mills


Record crude oil and natural gas production from shale formations in Texas and across the U.S. has created a new optimism among pipelines and refiners. The belief that hydrocarbon production from shale is a short-term gimmick has evolved into the realization that there are long-term benefits…


Ruling Expected On Appeal of Phillips 66-ETP Louisiana Pipeline Shutdown

March 14, 2018


A ruling is expected soon after both sides in a dispute over the Bayou Bridge pipeline argued before federal appeals court judges Tuesday over 23 miles of construction on the line in Louisiana.

The 30-inch Bayou Bridge is part of a JV between Houston’s Phillips 66 Partners LP and Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners that’s intended to take light and heavy crude from various sources through Lake Charles to…

Tax Cut Law = More Jobs, Larger Paychecks: Babin

By District 36 state Representative Brian Babin


The American people and small businesses across East Texas are reaping the benefits of the new tax cut law.

It’s putting more money in people’s pockets and enabling businesses – American employers – to create jobs, purchase new equipment and expand.

It is growing our economy.

Ninety percent of Americans are getting a tax break from lower tax rates, a doubling of the standard deduction to $24,000 for a married couple ($12,000 for individuals), and increasing the child tax credit to $2,000 per child.

We’ve all seen the headlines about large businesses and their employees benefitting from lower taxes.

While this is great news, it is important to note that the benefits go far beyond large businesses. I’ve been hearing from hundreds of individuals, families and small businesses about how their tax bills are being cut and what they are doing with those tax savings.

ExxonMobil has announced a $50 billion investment in its U.S. operations and employees over the next five years.

Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes and Best Buy have boosted wages or given employees bonuses and in some cases, both.

Boeing announced $300 million in employee-related investments and charitable giving.

To break this down even further, let’s discuss the stories that are improving lives and growing businesses across Southeast Texas.

Juan and Leigh, both small business owners in Houston, wrote to tell me they have hired additional employees with the money they are saving. That’s putting our friends and neighbors to work.

Small business owners in Polk and Tyler counties shared with me how they were able to purchase new equipment to help their women-owned businesses grow and run more efficiently.

Another business owner in Orange County is purchasing a larger inventory for her business.

Folks, small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and I am hearing story after story like this about small businesses growing and hiring our friends and neighbors.

The tax rate cuts for individuals and families are also making a huge difference for East Texans. This should be no surprise as nearly every American is getting a tax cut.

Robert from Highlands, Texas wrote to tell me that he is using his tax savings to help his daughter get a college degree.

Alan in Houston has decided to put is tax cut into savings for his retirement.

Ms. Drake is now able to buy a new stove, while Justin from Harris County is paying down credit card debt.

Scott is using his savings to help him purchase a home.

Mr. Woods told me that he will be spending his tax savings on his wife. Mr. Woods – that’s a good decision!

The tax cuts are even helping in Hurricane Harvey recovery.

Judy from Orange County shared with me how the tax cuts have enabled her to replace household items destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.

And, Jason from Baytown is using his savings to help repair his home.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is making a real difference in the lives of real people across Southeast Texas and the nation.

Each of these individual decisions adds up and as a result tens of billions of dollars in economic activity is being generated benefitting individuals and employers.

I’m excited that tens of millions of Americans are seeing lower payroll deductions, larger paychecks, more retirement savings, bigger family budgets and relief at every level.

This tax cut bill is benefitting families, job creators and our economy.