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“I’ve been … listening to the market to try and understand what the market would like to see us do — what causes our unit price to perform better, in other words — and we really don’t know. When I ask people, ‘If we were to increase our distributions do you think our unit price would go up?’ and the answer is, ‘No, it will do gown,’ well shoot. If that’s the case, then we can check that box. We’re not doing that.”

— Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren in a May 9.earnings call on how to raise his company’s equity value

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Texas Senate Advances Critical Infrastructure Protection Bill: TXOGA Statement

May 20, 2019


Today the Texas Senate passed HB 3557, the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, moving this important legislation one step closer to becoming law. The bill, authored by State Representative Chris Paddie and sponsored in the Senate by Senator Brian Birdwell, strengthens protections of Texas’ critical infrastructure facilities from those who trespass with the intent to damage or impede operations, while maintaining current laws and statutes that allow for free speech and the right to protest…..