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The Texas Energy Report uses a very secure method for you to pay for your subscription — your information can be sent directly to us though our secure website without using a third party service along the way.


Simply fill out the form below and hit “submit”we will then email you with details about the User ID and Password for your account.


If you prefer to pay by mail, please address a check for $345 plus $28.46 tax, totaling $373.46

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The Texas Energy Report

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You are welcome to call us at 713-785-4234 to subscribe over the phone if you prefer — or when you are mailing a check — we will start your subscription immediately upon hearing from you.



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This is not a recurring charge to your credit card.  This is a one-time charge of $345 (plus tax, except for tax-exempt organizations) for a one-year subscription to The Texas Energy Report. Yearly subscriptions are $345 plus $28.46 tax = $373.46.
Additional yearly subscriptions are available for $110 each when you pay for a full subscription.