Bills We’re Watching to Appear This Weekend: TER

March 7, 2019


With the deadline for submitting bills for the 86th state legislature almost here, expect our customary rundown of the bills we’re watching for you to appear this weekend.

Among them are bills calling for:

  • Consideration of cumulative effects of air containment emissions as part of the permitting process
  • Increased penalties for violation of some Railroad Commission statutes
  • Various new requirements for gas utility pipelines
  • Oil and gas revenue to be returned to counties for road construction, repair and other uses
  • Funding through greenhouse emissions fees of energy efficiency programs
  • Environmental and water use permit applications to be required online
  • Electricity bill paying assistance and notification changes for cessation of water utility services
  • Creation of a cybersecurity council and establishment of emergency management during cyberattacks (oil and gas facilities as well as electrical infrastructure have been central targets in cyberattacks, as reported for years and confirmed in more recent news)
  • Security for the electric grid
  • New protections for some public freshwater areas
  • Regulations by the Railroad Commission of aggregate oil and gas production operations, also in association with the TCEQ
  • Reconsideration of some duties of the Texas Water Development Board
  • New rules for the development of brackish groundwater in association with the TCEQ
  • The usual call for a name change at the Railroad Commission
  • Changes in political contributions to the Railroad Commission, just as last session
  • Various proposed changes in commercial trucking standards and enforcement
  • Et quite a variety of cetera