Limited TWDB Water Fund Partnerships Bill Heads for Senate Floor

May 13, 2019


The Senate Committee on Water and Rural Affairs on Monday sent to the full Senate a bill to allow the Texas extra-water fund to make deals for water desalination, aquifer storage and recovery and interregional projects not in the State Water Plan.

The bill has already passed the House.

Rep. Lyle Larson‘s, Rep. Steve Toth‘s and Sen. Charles Perry‘s HB 1052 would authorize the State Participation Fund (SPF) administered by the Texas Water Development Board to partner with private and public entities (or the federal government or even a foreign nation), allowing excess water that SPF purchases from reservoirs and water pipelines to be used in any partnership for which the state expects a full return on investment.

The limit on water assistance is $200 million per partnership, with new partnerships limited to the next five years.

And the bill would require the comptroller of public accounts to start a sub-account in the state participation account to be known as the state participation account II for use in these partnerships.