Governor Abbott Signs Bill to Bring More Public Engagement to LCRA

April 29, 2019

A  Sunset-related bill intended to require the Lower Colorado River Authority to engage more with and improve trust from the public has been signed by the governor.

District 14 Texas Sen. Kirk Watson‘s SB 606 requires the LCRA to act quickly when faced with complaints and to allow “reasonable opportunity” for the public to address the board.

Sunset Committee analysis indicated the LCRA was somewhat lacking in public trust, though the board and the entity were well-run.

The bill also requires the board to develop “a policy to encourage the use of appropriate alternative dispute resolution procedures under the Governmental Dispute Resolution Act,” according to the bill analysis.

The Sunset Advisory Commission and the Austin American Statesman found a number of deficiencies in the management of the LCRA, though the commission found it to be a “a very sophisticated, well-functioning organization.”