Governor To Name Appointee to New Texas Electric Grid Security Council

June 10, 2019


A cooperative council to research and find solutions to — and cope with — the threat of cyberattacks to the electrical grid is set to begin in September.

The Texas Legislature called the threat “urgent” because Texas is the only contiguous UIS state with an electric grid fully within its borders.

Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday signed Sen. Kelly Hancock‘s SB 475, aimed at protecting the grid from cyberattack in part by commissioning the Texas Electric Grid Security Council for the ERCOT region.

“The potential for a widespread outage makes it clear that effective polices must be developed to address these potential safety and security risks,” Sen. Hancock told the Senate.

The council is composed of the chair of the PUC, the president of ERCOT and a designee appointed by the Governor,.

The council would develop “best practices” standard for grid security and emergency preparation and could develop amendments to state emergency management plans to allow for coordination among state agencies.

The council may consult with federal agencies.