Riggs Joins Keane Group Board For Merger

October 15, 2019

Houston-based Keane Group. Inc. has a Clayton Williams Companies veteran and Tech grad now on its board of directors.

Mel G. Riggs joined the energy services company’s board as an independent director, the company said on Tuesday, to replace Christian A. Garcia, who voluntarily resigned as director on the board on October 9th.

When Keane completes its merger with C&J Energy Services, Inc., Mr. Riggs will replace Mr. Garcia as a designee of Keane to the board of the combined company.

Mr. Garcia told the board in writing that he’s accepted a new job with a company that will be a direct competitor of the combined company once Keane merges with C&J.

Mr. Riggs, 64, has served in senior-level positions of Clayton Williams and its related companies for 28 years, including his current position as vice president and director since May 2017.

Riggs is a Certified Public Accountant and received a BBA degree in Accounting from Texas Tech University.