Vistra Sets New CO2 Emissions Reduction Goals

October 28, 2019

Vistra Energy has new long-term plans to reduce its carbon emissions.

The Irving company announced on Tuesday its goal of achieving a greater-than-fifty-percent reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions by the year 2030, using 2010 as a baseline.

And by 2050, Vistra has an objective of a greater-than-eighty-percent reduction in CO2, with 2010 again as a baseline.

That objective will require what the company calls a “combination of advancements in technology, including carbon capture solutions, as well as the alignment of public policy with clean carbon goals and the adaptation of power grids and power markets to ensure reliability in a low to net-zero carbon emissions context.”

Vistra added that a secondary goal is the actual elimination of carbon emissions by 2050, if possible.

“Vistra acknowledges our business has an environmental footprint and we must be part of the solution to combat climate change while balancing the evolution of our generation fleet with our ability to provide cost-effective and reliable power to our customers,” the company said in a statement.

Following its merger with Dynegy in 2018, Vistra says it has substantially reduced the percentage of total generation from coal and has bumped up the use of renewables, natural gas and nuclear power capacity, and “since 2010 the combined portfolio has decreased CO2 equivalent emissions by more than 31 percent, taking nearly 170 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent emissions out of the air. In addition.”