Texas Tech Professor Helps Invent New, Cleaner Oil Spill Cleanup Mat

November 21, 2019

A chemical professor at Texas Tech University has developed a new technology to assist in the cleanup of oil spills.

The invention is a mat that’s constructed in two forms — one made up of 100% cotton, the other an 85-90% cotton hybrid, and was tested in a petroleum spill at a plant in India on November 2nd, with good results, Texas Tech said.

Texas Tech Chemical Countermeasures and Advanced Materials Professor Seshadri Ramkumar said research led to the decision that raw cotton was the best material for absorption in oil spills.

Ramkumar calls the invention “Towie.” but the difference between it and other towels used in oil cleanup is that Towie biodegradable and produces no microplastics.

It was developed by WellGro United, an environment solutions provider from Chennai, India, and E-Innovate, a start-up company