Data Firm Says NM Figures Big In How a Democratic President Could Put a Dent In Fracking: Report

December 21, 2019

new note from the data analytics firm Kayrros sizes up what a president might actually be able to do to have an impact on fracking.

Stop their use on federal lands, starting with New Mexico.

Fracking on federal land account for a small but hardly insubstantial portion of U.S. oil and gas production, as Axios notes.

“Federal-land fracking does not represent an irreplaceable share of U.S. [oil] production, neither is it a footnote — thanks in part to the fact that wells on Federal leases have been punching above their weight,” Kayrros reports, showing that the New Mexico portion of the Permian basin is the epicenter of fracked oil wells on federal lands.

Wells drilled on the New Mexico side of the Delaware basin beginning 2018 account for 17% of U.S. production growth since then.