2020 Election Night Results and Terse Tips

"Frankly we did win this election" -- President Trump, in 2:20 am EST speech, says he's "won Georgia," is winning Wisconsin, North Carolina and "Pennsylvania by a tremendous amount," (none of these states have been called by news organizations) and says call of Arizona for Biden could be overturned and voters are being disenfranchised, promises to go to US Supreme Court -- Biden earlier gave brief remarks to a drive-in gathering in Delaware expressing confidence that he will win the presidency

Republican Trey Nels defeats Sri Preston Kulkarni in US House District 22 -- Associated Press

It's starting to appear that Republicans will remain in control of the US Senate -- The Associated Press declares Republican Steve Daines winner in Montana Senate race

Republicans have gained seats in the US House of Representatives -- Surprise defeat of Florida US Rep. Donna Shalala by Republican Maria Elvira Salazar (Shalala was a Bill Clinton health secretary)

11,000 mail-in ballots not counted in Tarrant County Tuesday night -- elections administrators to count on Wednesday

Lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania over Montgomery County votes delays results -- hearing set for 9 am EST for Republican congressional candidate Kathy Barnette's request for restraining order to keep officials from "illegally" contacting voters whose absentee ballots were rejected because of flaws

Vote counting in Fulton County, Georgia, suspended -- because of broken water pipe at absentee-by-mail vote counting location

Rep. Roger Williams held off Democrat Julie Oliver's challenge to retain his Central Texas 25th Congressional District seat -- Texas Tribune

Texas Tribune calls Republican Chip Roy as winner of Texas US District 21 race, defeating Democrat Wendy Davis -- 51%-45%

Associated Press calls Minnesota election for controversial Democrat Ilhan Omar

Incumbent Ron Reynolds keeps Texas House District 27 seat so far

Large leads so far for Texas Senate candidates as of midnight for Republicans Brandon Creighton, Bryan Hughes, Larry Taylor, Lois Kolkhorst, Brian Birdwell as well as Democrats Carol Alverado, Borris Miles, Roland Gutierrez, Judith Zafferini, Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, Jose Minendez, Eddie Lucio Jr.and Cesar J. Blanco

Popular vote as of midnight CST 49.8% for Biden, 48% for Trump

Associated Press Presidential figures in Pennsylvania have Trump up at 56.7% vs. Biden at 42.2% -- Biden fracing remarks thought to have made a difference

Nevada remains a wild card -- slow returns at 3% show Trump lead over Biden -- 67.6%-to-24.8%

Republican James "Jim" Wright continues lead over Democrat Chrysta Castañeda -- 53.3%-to--43.3% -- 86% of precincts reporting

Texas judicial races break for Republicans -- Supreme Court, Criminal Appeals: all generally 54% average versus about 44%-45% for Democratic challengers

Electoral votes 11:45 CST -- Fox News: Biden 237, Trump 213 -- AP: Biden 223, Trump 174 (AP has not called Texas)

Associated Press calls Montana for Trump -- 52%-45%

Republican Martha McSally refuses to concede Arizona US senator race to Democrat Mark Kelly

Siegel concedes to Michael McCaul in Texas US House District 10

Republican Jodi Ernst wins re-election to US Senate from Iowa

Ballots passed: Oregon became the first state to decriminalize hard drugs like heroin and methamphetamine and to legalize therapeutic use of psilocybin mushrooms -- Associated Press

Republican James Wright maintains lead over Chrysta Castañeda -- 53%-to-43.5%

Democrat Colin Allred projected winner over Republican Genevieve Collins in US House District 32 -- Texas Tribune

Democrat Henry Cuellar maintains lead over Republican Sandra Whitton -- 55.6%-42%

Republican Trey Nels continues lead over Sri Preston Kulkarni in US House District 22

Democrat Veronica Escobar projected winner over Republican Irene Armendariz-Jackson in US House District 16 -- Texas Tribune

No "blue wave" in Texas -- one analyst notes "extraordinary" lack of states flipping against Trump since 2016 considering his widespread "unpopularity" -- Arizona is the only one so far

Republican Michael McCaul keeps long lead against Mike Segal -- 51%-to-48%

CNN projects Idaho for Trump

Fox News has been most aggressive in calling race this Election Night -- Associated Press, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN fall behind

Fox News calls Iowa for President Trump

Texas Tribune calls Republican Lance Gooden winner over Democrat Carolyn Salter in US House District 5 -- 60%-38%

CNN predicts Biden wins Virginia, Trump wins Mississippi

Fox News call: President Trump wins Texas -- Associated Press has not called it

Trump campaign questions Fox News call of Arizona for Democrat Joe Biden

Maine Senator Susan Collins, expected by some to lose, is holding onto office

Democrat Michael Moore conceded the Harris County Precinct 3 commissioner race to Republican Tom Ramsey -- Houston Chronicle

Democrat Mark Kelly appears to have beaten incumbent Republican Martha McSally in Arizona US senator race

Fox News calls Arizona for Democrat Joe Biden -- 53%-to-45% -- giving Biden more than 200 electoral votes, a widening gap over President Trump -- the only flip so far from Trump 2016 camp

Van Taylor in 55%-to-43% lead over Lulu Seikaly in US House District 3

US House District 1 incumbent Republican Louie Gohmert wins over Democrat Hank Gilbert -- 73% to 26.7% -- Associated Press projection

83% of vote in, President Trump leads Joe Biden in Texas -- 51.6% to 47.1%

Associated Press projects Democrat Joe Biden wins California, Oregon and Washington presidential races

Fox News projects Florida goes for Donald Trump -- "No Republican has won the White House without Florida" -- 51.3% to 47.8%

Analysts: Pennsylvania counties most dependent upon O&G-related employment give Trump lead

S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow 500 futures up about 2% as of 9:45 CST

Austin Proposition A to build rail lines looks like it will pass: analysts, Mayor Adler -- “You can declare victory right now,” Adler quoted by Austin American Statesman

Jane Nelson, Larry Taylor win Senate District 12, District 11 races respectively

Charlie Geren, Texas House District 99, declared winner; District 91 Stephanie Klick wins

Pollster Frank Luntz says if Donald Trump wins again, the polling industry is "done" after polls show Biden with big lead in some states -- Washington Examiner

Republican former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville beats incumbent Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama US House race, Associated Press projects -- Birmingham News likened Tuberville candidacy to "Forrest Gump"

Gov. Abbott congratulates Texas House Harris County-area District 127 Republican Dan Huberty on win

Associated Press projects Lindsey Graham winner in hotly-contested South Carolina US senator race

Republican Incumbents take early leads in Texas Supreme Court race

Three Dallas County Democratic incumbents take early lead -- Sheriff Marian Brown, county commissioners Theresa Daniel and John Wiley Price

On CNN, Jake Tapper says "a Biden blowout was always a pipe dream"

Republican Jim Wright in early lead for RRC commissioner seat

Gov. Abbott congratulates Texas House District 21 Republican Dade Phelan on win, House District 130 Texas state Rep. Tom Oliverson too -- Phelan has filed for House speaker position

Mr. Abbott also congratulates Geanie Morrison on House Victoria-area District 30 win

Republican Pat Fallon declared Texas US House District 4 winner -- by Associated Press

Poll numbers whiz Nate Silver says apparently-likely President Trump win in Florida big step toward a Trump "upset"

NBC News projects that John Cornyn wins the Texas US Senate race against M J Hegar -- Hegar has reportedly conceded

Texas Secretary of State's office suffering from technical problems with election results website

Houston-area Republican Dan Crenshaw wins 2nd Congressional District race -- receives second term, wins easily (Dallas Morning News)

Associated Press is projecting Joaquin Castro winner of US House District 20

Controversy: Some have called Virginia for Democrat Joe Biden, but at least one such projection is being walked back

Two sources project US House of Representatives will keep Democratic majority -- at least 1 seat added for Democrats

Joe Biden appears to be underperforming in the Rio Grande Valley

Mitch McConnell remains US Senate Republican leader -- wins his Kentucky senate race, but it's not clear yet whether Republicans will keep control of US Senate

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