TERP Extension Bill Moves Out of Senate

April 11, 2019


The Texas Emission Reduction Program (TERP) extension bill has passed the Texas Senate.

The sponsor of CSSB 531, state Senator Brian Birdwell, described the bill as “vital to reducing emissions in Texas to reduce pollution in non-attainment areas to bring them into line with national air quality standards and is certainly the only available tool to reduce mobile sources of emissions and is a vital part of our state implementation plan.

“The programmatic side of TERP will continue until full attainment is reached and litigation is ceased and concluded, however the funding sources expire on August 31st 2019.

“Committee substitute for SB 531 simply extends the sources of funding for two years.

“The substitute is borne out of discussions between stakeholders, Sen. Jane Nelson, Sen. Robert Nichols and myself,” Sen. Birdwell continued, “as the funding sources and mechanisms interface with the jurisdiction of the respective committee chairs and in particular the chair of finance.”