UPDATE: Disaster Declarations, Hurricane & Storm Surge Warnings For Far Southeast Texas

October 9, 2020 -- Update 5 am -- Hurricane Delta is picking up speed and strength Friday morning as it moves toward the Louisiana coast, with landfall expected between the evening and overnight tonight. The Category 3 storm with winds up to 120 miles an hour is directly south of Beaumont at 5 am, moving north at 12 miles an hour. It's likely to lose some strength before landfall, according to the National Hurricane Center. Disaster declarations have been issued for Jefferson County, home of extensive petrochemical properties, and a Hurricane Warning has been issued for the area. Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick and the Jasper County judge have issued the declarations ahead of the expected arrival of Hurricane Delta, which could be a Category 3 storm by the time it arrives Friday afternoon or evening. Landfall is expected in eastern Cameron Parish around Grand Chenier/Pecan Island, perhaps at sunset. The directives are intended to ensure that emergency resources are available or mobilized to prepare for the storm. Hurricane and Storm Surge Warnings have been issued for the coastline of Southeast Texas, according to the National Hurricane Center, from High Island across SW Louisiana coastline. Tropical Storm Warnings are in effect for the Houston area and to the north of Jefferson County, with expectation of winds gusting up to 40 mph. A storm surge forecast is in effect from Port O'Connor in Texas east into Florida. Storm surge 1-3' is expected between Port O'Connor and east of Galveston Bay, then 2-4' from east of Galveston Bay well into Louisiana, then 7-11' along a large swath of the Louisiana Coast as far east as the mouth of the Pearl River. Evacuations are urged before midday Friday. Heavy rain is expected in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area, west to Houston on Friday.  
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