Majority Disapprove of Gov. Abbott’s ERCOT Work, Results In Most Issues Along Partisan Lines: UT Poll

July 11, 2022 -- There is majority disapproval of Gov. Greg Abbott's job in relation to ERCOT, but views of the governor appear to break along strongly partisan lines, according to a June UT Texas Politics Project poll. Eighty-three percent of Democrats either strongly or somewhat disapprove, while only 26% of Republicans strongly or somewhat disapprove vs 51% of Independents. And 46% of Republicans either strongly or somewhat approve vs 8% of Democrats and 13% of Independents Across issues, an overwhelming majority of Republicans approve of Mr. Abbott's handling of immigration, Covid-19, crime, the economy, guns and other subjects, while Democrats don't give above 10% approval on any one issue. Gov. Abbott's overall favorability is split at 44% Margin of error is +/- 2,89%  
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