Texas Oil & Natural Gas Production Rises as Employment Growth Stalls: Ed Longanecker

By Ed Longanecker, TIPRO


According to the Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO), crude oil production in the state of Texas totaled an estimated 1.35 billion barrels through November of 2018, representing an increase of 209 million barrels of oil produced compared to the same timeframe in 2017, and a total of 1.5 billion barrels forecasted for the full year. Natural gas production increased slightly for a total of 7.5 trillion cubic feet of gas produced through November. TIPRO reports that most of the increased output and related activity came from West Texas with Permian Basin oil production surging last year.


“With lower crude oil prices and increasing service costs, many operators are understandably looking at scaling back spending to stay within cash flow until market conditions improve,” said Ed Longanecker, President of TIPRO. “Despite numerous operators cutting capex in 2019, Texas oil and gas production is expected to rise in the coming months as additional pipeline capacity comes online in the Permian Basin, OPEC production cuts take full effect, oversupply concerns ease, and progress is made with U.S. China negotiations,” added Longanecker.


While 2018 oil and natural gas production continued to rise, industry job growth stalled in November. More than 10,000 net new oil and natural gas jobs were added to the state’s economy through November of 2018 compared to 2017, for a total of 336,000 workers directly employed by the industry. Upstream sector jobs accounted for the majority of the employment growth last year with more favorable market conditions driving increased exploration and production activity, with a total of 78,000 oil and gas extraction jobs and 142,000 oil and gas support activities jobs in the state through November….

ExxonMobil Likely Forced To Produce Climate Change Documents After Supreme Court Refusal

The case is important because it could set legal precedent allowing similar moves against other energy companies.


July 7, 2019


In what appears to be blow to ExxonMobil, the US Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear arguments from the company against demands by the attorney general of Massachusetts for decades of company documents related to what the company has done about climate change….

Arlington Researchers Are Advancing the Detection and Handling of Natural Gas Leaks

January 5, 2019


Work is underway at the University of Texas at Arlington to find more sensitive ways to detect natural gas leaks from pipelines, and to predict how the leakage of gas will act under geological conditions.

When gas leaks from an underground pipeline it doesn’t immediately find a way to the surface and can often be pocketed underground, leading to dangerous situations for gas and pipeline companies and first responders checking for leaks…..

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Oilfield Innovator Curtis D. Kelly Jr. Has Died, Son of Oilfield Trailblazer

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January 4, 2019


The family of longtime Monsanto field production manager Curtis D. Kelly Jr. says the innovative petroleum engineer died in November after a long association with football kingpin Bud Adams.

Kelly was known for helping guide several oil companies through the oil exploration process before and after working with Monsanto.

Most recently, Kelly was a special consultant to Bud Adams, the longtime owner of the Houston Oilers and Tennessee Titans football teams.

After Adams died in 2013, Kelly retired to his home in Houston and later Mansfield, Texas.

He was known for the development of techniques and hardware in the 1960s and ’70s for increasing efficiency in oil field production.

Kelly was the son of another oilfield innovator, Curtis D. Kelly Sr., who in the late 1940s utilized wheels and tires from junked World War II bomber planes, fastened to harnesses, as a way of moving oil derricks among drilling sites rather than deconstructing the derricks for movement between wells.

The senior Kelly retired after building the Curtis Kelly Company in Houston (now Curtis Kelly Inc., a division of Spitzer Industries), a metal fabricator focused on creation of oil and gas tanks, which he sold in 1969…..