Cushing-to-Houston Pipeline Open Season

December 12, 2018


Open season is underway for Tulsa-based SemGroup Corp. and Denver’s DCP Midstream LP to solicit binding commitments for development of a pipeline system to transport segregated batches of light crude oil from Cushing, Okla., to Houston….

George H. W. Bush Confronted Many Energy Issues

By Alex Mills


Fate, in some respects, was not kind to George H. W. Bush, who died last week in Houston.

Of course, fate did shine on the 41st President of the United States when, as a Navy fighter pilot in World War II, he was shot down and later rescued from the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Fate was also shinning on him as the son of a successful U.S. Senator, Prescott Bush of Connecticut.

After graduating from Yale in 1948, he and his bride, Barbara, left the somewhat safe confines of the East Coast for the wide-open spaces of West Texas to become an oilman.

He started at the bottom learning the industry’s service sector and later as a landman and independent producer in Odessa. As success followed success, Bush decided to move to Houston and began drilling offshore wells under his company name of Zapata Petroleum Corporation….

Texas Rainy Day Fund Minimum Balance Remains At $7.5 Billion; Some Call For Tapping the Fund To Rebuild After Harvey — and Repair Oil Boom Roads?

November 30, 2018


As the Texas “Rainy Day” Fund grew to a record high of more than $12 billion — including a new contribution from the state comptroller — a state committee freed up funds to be used in the future.

There is talk that some of that money could be used for emergency repairs for Texas roads that are being torn up by greatly increased truck traffic because of the West Texas oil boom.

On Thursday, Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s office announced the placement of $2.77 billion into the Economic Stabilization Fund and into the State Highway Fund, to be split equally at about $1.4 billion each…